There is probably nothing that hurts us to the core like seeing our pets injured or hurt. We work with our Vets for the very best care possible and in some cases, surgery may be needed. A Veterinarian will supply antibiotics to reduce the possibility of infection and we then have to not only be patient, but watch to make sure that our pets don’t lick or open the injured area.

Post-surgery for cats and dogs can be the most disturbing. Whether a large or small incision, it must be maintained so they don’t open it up. For smaller dogs as well as cats, a good hack to protect the incision area is to get a baby or child’s ‘onsie’ and put it on them. They will not like it and may try to wiggle out as well as not walk normally, but keeping it on as long as possible will assist in the healing. Make sure it is size appropriate and not too tight.

For all types of animals, it’s important to keep them hydrated in the case of an injury or surgery. They may not want to eat and may steer away from the water container. Get a small syringe that is sized for the pet and confer with your Vet as to the amount of water they need each day. Carefully and gently use the syringe to add small quantities of water in their mouth. This will help to ensure that they drink as opposed to overwhelming with too much water at a time. If you aren’t sure, have your Vet demonstrate the method that is easiest for your pet.

If your pet has experienced an injury or had a surgery, try to locate them in a secluded area of the house. This will keep them from running around, going up and down stairs or trying to go outside. Make sure all bedding has been completely washed and cleaned. For cats, make sure their litter box has been cleaned out and sprayed with an antibiotic cleaner as well as change it every two days.

Pet Hacks for Injuries and Post Surgery

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