For any cat parent, it goes unsaid that their feline family members absolutely enjoy being in high places. Understanding their history may explain how you can accommodate this single aspect of their lives.

Cats are descendants from the first ‘true’ cat called Proailurus, which were tree-climbing mammals. Many of the earliest cats thrived in rain forests and were hunters. Their claws gave them the ability to skillfully climb in the trees and use the trees for safety as well as waiting for prey.

It’s believed that height, for cats, might be a sign of their status in a group. When there is more than one cat in a household, the most dominant cat typically claims the highest perch. Sitting in high places allows kitties to view their domain and their keen eyesight can catch any movements below. Cats enjoy resting in the warmth and this can be displayed anywhere there is a beam of sunshine. They will eagerly curl up and rest the day away. However, height also brings some advantages for the same warmth locations.

High places are definitely areas of security. If a cat is upset or anxious, they will often escape to sit in high places for moments of sanctuary.

Why Do Cats Love High Places?

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