For any cat pet parent, you are pretty much familiar with your kitty’s desire to relax in and on a bed. However, they also have an innate desire to be inside everything that is enclosed and this behavior can be seen as they romp around in boxes. This is part of a cat’s natural tendency and accommodating their behavior by giving them a number of fun as well as comfy sleeping areas will make them happier.

If you are making a choice for a new cat bed, you will want to observe how your cat currently sleeps. If kitty loves to take over your dog’s larger bed, leaving him/her to rest his head on the edge, then your cat is expressing a desire to be able to have a more expansive area. A majority of cats however, prefer to have beds that fit their body size so that they can curl up comfortably. Make sure that you choose a bed that is size appropriate.

It goes without saying that cats should be indoors. The era of outdoor cats is gone and allowing a cat to roam outside might appeal to their natural sense, but they can also have shorter lives. If you have a patio or deck that kitty loves to hang out in, make sure there is a bed for both indoors and outdoors. This way they won’t claim your patio furniture and instead sleep in their own designated location.


Kitty Beds Come In All Shapes and Size

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